James K Watson Photography

Fine Art Prints by James K Watson, Fiery Fields

Fiery Fields

Near Lone Pine, California

Nikon D300, Nikkor 24-70mm, F/20, 1/30s

Not far from Lone Pine California, is the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. The photo above was taken by waiting for the sun to light up the field, but not the trees, a technique known as back lighting. Lighting can change very quickly in a scene, this photo, as well as Awaiting Dawn were taken within 40 minutes, and are 200 feet apart.



Digital Download. Jpeg format. You download a file and send it to a local service for printing, or use an online printing service like Canvas Discount, great prices for printing your photographs. Click the link at the bottom of this page to save 15% off all prints. The U-Print's (6x8 & 8x10) are at a different aspect ratio than the prints below.

Acrylic Print
Acrylic prints give photos a contemporary look. Printed in high-def, saturated color, acrylic prints add a unique sense of depth to your photos. Arrives ready to hang.  YouTube Sample of a Acrylic Print

Canvas Print
Vibrant colors printed on a solid, superbly white canvas fabric. Hand-stretched and ready-to-hang on your wall.  

Canvas Floater Frame
The canvas is mounted inside a solid wood frame at a distance of 6 mm on all sides. The shadow gap between the canvas and the frame makes your image appear to float inside the frame.

Framed Print
Custom framing on all sizes includes a quality wood frame, double matt, hanging hardware, acid-free backing and non-glare glass. A frame that looks simple, modern and won't look outdated in 10 years.

What should I choose?
If you're wanting an artistic look go with Canvas, for a modern look Acrylic, for a more traditional look choose a Framed Print. My personal favorite is the acrylic prints as I love the rich deep tones and modern look.


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