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Print your Photos for your Wall or Give them as Gifts

Looking to print some of your photographs, its a great way to remember those special moments with friends and family, or print a memory you took on a puzzle or a coffee mug and give it as a gift at Christmas.

Over the years I've found some of the highest quality print houses that I use to print the pictures I've taken. My favourite print house Canvas Discount even guarantee their quality and will match anyone with a lower price.

I've listed them below and which service to use at which print house to get the best price and quality. There is overlap in the services provided by the print houses below, however I have found each one specializes in certain products and does a really good job at it. Canvas Discount is a great place to print photos for your wall, or unique photo gifts. Art-to-Frame is the place to go if you want a great looking framed piece of artwork for your office or living room wall. If your looking to share a group of photos, check out AdoramaPix's their photo books are high quality and customizable. For more detail on the different printing options unique christmas gifts has a list of the different printing options.


  Canvas Discount

I really like CanvasDiscount for printing my photographs to hang on walls or unique photo gifts for Christmas or Birthdays. Canvas Discount is always my first choice when printing. They have a really quick turn around and great customer service.

     Canvas Prints
Acrylic Prints
Aluminum Prints
Forex Prints
Passe-Partout Frame
     Cushion Covers
Coffee Mugs
Photo Blankets
Mouse Pads

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Want a really nice framed print of your photograph for you wall? Art to Frames is by far the best printing house for framed prints. You can choose from over 400 frames, add double mats, or non-glare glass.

     Framed Prints
Collage Frames
Shadow Boxes

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Adorama Pix

I like to create books as gifts its a great way to keep the memories close. Book ideas, year books (what we did this year), vacations, special events (weddings, anniversary). AdormaPix is my go to book print house, great options from simple to elegant.

     Photo Books
Photo Cards
Photo Calendars

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If you have young kids you have to check this out. You send them a photo of your child and they add the photo to the storybook. Really draws them into the story.

     Personalize Children's Storybooks




Canadian Residences

This is CanvasDiscount, so the quality and turn around is fantastic. They only sell canvas prints through this website, however the prices are amazing as they are discounted for the exchange rate.

     Canvas Prints

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Photography Blog Articles

In the months ahead we will be dedicating this area to giving you some tips and tricks on taking great photographs. I will share some of the techniques I've learned over the year.

Simple Exposure

Tack Sharp Photos

Photography Equipment


High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Long Exposure

Finding Good Locations


Lighting Tricks

Night Shots

and more...


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